Before you can get a book published,  you will need to write it first. Easier said than done you may think. I agree, but staring at a blank page or screen will not get you anywhere.

Blank pages and screen


Do you know what challenges are preventing you from writing your first book? Can you hazard a guess?

If you not, then I’ll tell you. YOU and ME! We’re our own worst enemy next to procrastination.

I may sound a little harsh and critical, but as stated in the previous article, 82% of the population wish they could write a book but never get round to doing it. Is it comforting to know we’re not alone in our hesitations? No, but what can we do about only producing black-pages? I will show you.


My challenge and I suspect one of your challenges will be the same;  is FEAR! Yes, FEAR; that one little word can represent all our reluctance and procrastination to write and complete our book.  Or maybe you’re not afraid — you’re just overwhelmed. You’d love to move forward, but don’t know the best way to do so.

Perhaps you think your writing isn’t up to standard so that you won’t try. How do I know about these things, and know I can help you? Because I’ve been in that unenviable place, you’re in now.  You could regret not finding a way of facing your challenges in the future. So, let me help you achieve that dream.

‘The worst type of failure is NOT trying.’


I almost gave up trying as my many challenges threatened to overwhelm me. Over a period of at least fifty years, YES, I did say 50, I desperately wanted to write a book, a novel, a short story – anything. I made every excuse imaginable to myself, which coincided and fuelled my fears. I was setting myself up for failure, and I stopped trying.


Check out my concerns listed below. Are they the same or similar to yours? If yes, I can help you to stop staring at those blank pages and computer screens and get writing.

  • I had no experience – where do I begin, what do I do?
  • Poor education, I left school at fifteen with no qualifications, having spent most of my time in a remedial class.
  • My grammar was appalling and still is.
  • My spelling was and still is dreadful. Later on, in this series I’ll be discussing tools you can use to help with grammar and spelling, so keep following.
  • There wasn’t enough time in the day for me to waste on writing. Again in later articles, I will help you find the time you need without compromising your life.
  • I lacked confidence; I worried what people would say, or worse, they’d laugh at me.

All my blank page watching led to the Wicked Witch of Procrastination’s cackling at me, reminding me I was a failure. And I longed for a kiss from the Prince of Motivation to wake me up and chase away my fears.  My kiss of motivation came in rather a daunting manner and the saying “Every cloud has a silver lining,” comes to mind.


I developed cancer, which was my biggest life challenge.  I had to conclude I wasn’t immortal after all. At that stage, I didn’t know if I had enough time to allow old Witchy Procrastination to get in my way, and hinder my efforts. I needed to get my story out there, and that is what I did. It wasn’t quite how I’d envisaged it would happen, and I’m not saying you need something so dramatic to get yourself going. But the good news was, I got my kiss from Prince Motivation. When I look at that list now, I can’t believe my ambition to write a book was thwarted by challenges I thought were insurmountable, and yet with a little help and guidance, are so easily overcome.

I can report I am now well, and published my story GRACE ROSCOE as a Kindle eBook and paperback in 2014, and went on to publish UNHOLY REVENGE as an eBook, and now a paperback.


I know many of you will feel the same way as I did and can’t quite get past that initial hurdle of the overwhelming anxiety to get started. There was nobody I knew who could help me face up to the challenges. Yes, there were loads of books on how to write, but frankly, they were all too complicated. In fact, I stumbled at the first fence with the word PROTAGONIST. I’d never heard the word before I started writing. In fact, I thought they were talking about ghosts!  The authors apparently PRESUMED I knew what it meant. Well, I didn’t.

I came to the conclusion other novice writers seeking advice must experience the same problems as I did. With this in mind, its gave me the motivation to write in the simplest, clearest and easiest manner I knew how.


I can lead you, step by step towards how to fill in all those metaphoric blank pages. Your goal of writing your first book, and getting it ready to be published, is within your reach. (I’m talking about KDP.  Kindle Direct Publishing platform whenever I discuss anything to do with publishing.)  I have tried to explain things in the easiest of terms, so please forgive me if you think I sound patronising, but I will presume you are like me, starting off with no experience. I’ll share my Prince/Princess of Motivation with you, but without the trauma, I went through to find them, and let them inspire you to write that book. I make no promises of wealth, or that your book will even sell.

What I do promise you is the wonderful sense of worth once you’ve published your first book.

You too must do some meaningful promising – to yourself, to commit and believe in yourself, as the famous advert states, because “you’re worth it.”

Sharing fears.

I have shared my main fears with you; I now suggest you get a notepad or if you prefer to sit at your computer and begin to make a list of what obstacles are standing in your way. Together we can fill in those blank pages and get your book written and published. Make sure you follow me and join my mailing list to get extra help.

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Blank pages don't get published
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Blank pages don't get published
Sit down and write today. Blank pages don't get read or published. Learn how to fill those blanks with your own stories.

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