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UNHOLY REVENGE was my debut novel in the genre of ‘serial killer and police procedural’. Set in the small market town of Frodsham, Cheshire. I chose Frodsham because I lived there for twenty years before moving four miles away to Helsby, and was familiar with the surrounding areas.

Market Town

Serial killer novels and films are often set, within large cities, so I wondered how a small market town coped with a serial killer on the loose. Especially a close-knit one like Frodsham. What happens when the body count begins to add up and why is one particular family targeted?

Who was the killer? Did they live amongst the other terrified residents, or did they sneak into the town to do their killing?

DI Helen Cooke Investigates

Helen,  based at the local police station set in the centre of the town, is given the task of bringing the killer to justice. Helen lives alone and is both brash and emotional in equal measure. Her past, which brought her to Frodsham comes back to haunt her. Will she be able to do her job as a police detective inspector and not let her demons destroy her?

Helen’s Team in UNHOLY REVENGE

CHRIS TRAINOR – Her Detective Sergeant and right-hand man is gay and lives with his partner Ryan who is a police call-handler. Chris was fast-tracked into the force and lacks some of the experience his colleagues acquired working through the ranks. His worth ethic and tolerance help to keep his boss, Helen, on track.

SALLY PHILIPS – A Detective Constable and data input technician. Sally is known for her tenacious research of files and her assistance in helping her colleagues with the laborious task of fact-finding.

TRACY WELLS – A new recruit to the team, who sets out to challenge Helen at every opportunity.

DAVE METCALF and PHIL MEADOWS – experienced Detective Constables, who work hard and banter harder.


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Book Cover

Cover of New Book

The launch of Death by Revenge

Death by Revenge has now been published on both Kindle and Smashwords, and will soon be available on Apple, Kobo and many other platforms all as an ebook. The paperback version is expected in the next few weeks.

Death by Revenge is a sequel to UNHOLY REVENGE.

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I am about to embark (in a week or two whilst I catch my breath) on the third book in the REVENGE series. All the same, team will be there (I think unless I decide to kill them off or send them on trip around the world)


DI Helen Cooke and her team investigate the death of a woman, whose rotting body is found wrapped in black plastic bin bags, and dumped in a cave. As the investigation progresses,  Helen discovers two other women are missing and they have similarities to the murder victim. They are all business women local to Frodsham, a market town in Cheshire.

When the body count increases, Helen soon realises they have another serial killer on the loose. Can she and her team find the killer and prevent any further deaths or will she die in the attempt?

The Investigative Team for DEATH by REVENGE

Helen’s team has remained the same as in UNHOLY REVENGE with two additions, Manuel ‘Manny’ Rodriguez, a detective seconded from Tenerife, and Rhona Rhys a rooky Detective Constable.

Chris Trainor – Remains her right-hand man or ‘side-kick’ as Helen likes to call him. His main duty other than investigating a crime is to keep Helen on the straight and narrow – and of course,  to provide the mandatory chocolate snacks.

Tracy Wells – Continues to be the preverbal thorn in Helen’s side with her confrontations and accusations of bullying.

The rest of the team continue to work hard and banter even harder.

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