GRACE ROSCOE: A True Historical Romance


Grace Roscoe, is a true historical love story. A young woman separated from everything she knew and loved, to live in a great mansion in Liverpool.

Grace was made an heiress of a vast fortune on condition she married well,  to improve her merchant benefactors social standing. Unfortunately, Grace falls in love – with an unsuitable suitor!

Will she keep her promise and enter into a loveless, arranged marriage with a much older man? Or will she risk everything, including her life for the man she loves?

Grace is my fifth great-grandmother, whom I found when researching my family history. I’d lived with snippets of the rumour of a scandal all my life, as did many of her other descendants.

Why Write Grace Roscoe?

I made the decision to write Grace Roscoe after recovering from a life-threatening illness, so her story would never be lost. With the help of this book, I’ve discovered a whole new batch of ‘cousins’ scattered throughout the world.

Grace Roscoe cover


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