Grace Roscoe, is a true historical love story. A young woman separated from everything she knew and loved, to live in a great mansion in Liverpool.

Grace was made an heiress of a vast fortune on condition she married well, and improve her merchant benefactors social standing. Grace falls in love – with an unsuitable suitor! Will she keep her promise and enter into a loveless, arranged marriage or will she risk everything, including her life for the man she loves? Buy Grace Roscoe here



Unholy Revenge is set in the quiet market town of Frodsham, Cheshire, where a serial killer is wreaking havoc on the residents.

DI Helen Cooke and her team investigate the gruesome killings and discover they are all linked. A dark family secret is uncovered and the victims have paid with their lives. Can Helen, bring the killer to justice, risking her own life to save another life? BUY UNHOLY REVENGE HERE



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Death by Revenge is my latest book – out in October 2017.

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Death by Revenge – is also set in the quiet market town of Frodsham. Three women go missing, and bodies begin to turn up one by one.

DI Helen Cooke and her team investigate what appears to be motiveless crimes. But are they?

Helen faces her worst nightmares and has to fight for her own life.