I’m ready to accept the challenge if you are and help you achieve your dream. Over the next few weeks, I’ll show you chapter by chapter how to write and get your first book published.

Writing challenge

ARE YOU ready for that challenge?

Have you ever wondered what’s stopping you from writing a novel? Perhaps you don’t know where to begin? Do you think you lack skills and experience? Is your writing not good enough to get published, you fear you’ll make too many spelling or grammar errors? What if your greatest challenge is that s your ambition is thwarted because you’re overwhelmed with the task ahead? I know I was, so I know exactly how you feel.


Act today, and be courageous. Follow me and I will guide you step by step on how to write that special book and become a writer.

I’ll reveal to you with a proven method how you will achieve that dream. Share my experiences, my ups and downs, my dreadful mistakes and the ultimate prize of publishing your book.

This blog will take you through those challenges step by easy step and reveal how to write a book with little or no experience. I will walk you through each stage from, how to find your story idea and begin to write your book. And then how to prepare a book for publishing. (I will also be available by email to support you.)

The information you will receive is basic in the first stages and will suit the novice writer or would-be writers, those of you who need that little extra help. If that’s you, join me to today and write your book with my FREE easy to understand proven guide.


My guide to help your transition from an absolute beginner to a writer is jargon free and set out in a practical manner, with short, clear sections and examples. I’ll help direct you, and share my mistakes, errors and experiences for you to achieve the result of writing a book. Don’t remain one of the 82%, start to fulfil your dream today.


So, let’s do it, and cast those challenges to one side. My aim is to help people like you achieve their goal in the easiest and simplest way possible. Start the planning with the knowledge you will also solve the problem of your lack of experience. You will solve that pesky problem and achieve your goal with every wonderful, magnificent word you write. Every error, every deletion, and every mistake will help produce and publish your very own book. When you experience the exhilaration and the sheer joy of seeing your work in print, you will understand there is no finer reward; I can assure you. But you cannot do any of this staring at a blank page.

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The challenges of writing a book
What are scenes?
The challenges of writing a book
The challenges of writing a book can be overcome with a little understanding and knowledge. Learn how to face those challenges stopping you from achieving your goal of writing a novel.

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