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How to write a novel


Have you ever longed to write a book and become an author? No experience? Don’t know where to begin? You’re not alone. A survey suggests 82% of the population have the wish to write a book but never seemed to achieve that goal.

Why is this a fact, and are you one of the 82%? If so I can help you attain that dream. You don’t need to be highly skilled, as everything you need to know is here for you to learn. You will also pick up tips and hone the necessary skills as you continue to write.


At the time of writing my first book GRACE ROSCOE, I had no intentions of ever becoming a writer or to ever write another book. Grace is my fifth, great-grandmother, and she often visited me. Oh ya, a likely story I can hear you mutter. I know it’s hard to believe, but at the time I was in the throes of a chemotherapy fest. Unable to eat or do anything much except sleep. Along came Grace, okay she may have been a chemical hallucination, but it was a sign to me she wanted her story told.

I’d heard the many rumours throughout my childhood about an heiress in the family, and a terrible scandal. There was an elopement with a coachman. Here comes the weird bit. Although nobody in the family knew this, until I researched it on Ancestry, John Hazlehurst, the coachman was born in Frodsham, a small Cheshire market town in Cheshire. The place I’d been drawn to from my Liverpool birthplace when I first married.


It gets even spookier. On my youngest son’s wedding day, we all stood ready for a photograph, when I glanced down and realised we were all standing on the headstone of Samuel Hazlehurst. Samuel is John’s father. The stone was laid as a walkway up to the church’s front porch, sometime in the past.

I felt Grace was telling me something. Could you have ignored her after all that? No, neither could I. My mission was to write her story. But how? I wasn’t a writer and had no writing skills or knowledge of preparing a manuscript ready for publishing. How could I possibly write something somebody may enjoy reading? Never. Not possible.


So, what did I do to see if there was the tiniest hope of ever achieving my goal? I researched and researched. I read every book on writing I could afford. Joined hundreds of mailing lists to get the freebie PDFs with the information of how other authors had achieved their dream. Eventually, I was ready, and I began to type.

Everything I’ve learned during my search to become a published writer, I will pass over to you. Why may you wonder? Well since writing my second book UNHOLY REVENGE I’ve had numerous requests from people just like me, who don’t mix in the literary circles and don’t have contacts in the book writer’s world, asking me how I started. What a challenge, and why not share what I’ve learned.


If you are willing, join me on a journey to become a writer.

how to write a novel with no experience
What are scenes?
how to write a novel with no experience
Everyone has a story, but not everyone knows how to transfer that story into a novel. Learn here, step by step how to write your first novel.

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