• Do you want to find the solution of what is preventing you from writing a book? But first check the previous articles about the challenges you are facing  – click here
  • Let me tell you first of all – you’re not a failure. Here are a few tips to help you get out of that cycle of thinking you’re a failure, disillusioned and frustrated at not being able to achieve your dream of writing a book.
  • Let’s solve the problem of how you can write and cut out the procrastination.


  • Time is a precious commodity, and busy people are unable to spare a free moment to waste on a dream. The misconception of giving up the life you now know, to write a book and get it published is wrong. You will need to do a little more planning, but it is achievable.
  • It isn’t necessary to write every day, but if it is possible, it will help you get into the habit, and of course, your book gets written and finished quicker.
  • To start, and to get into the habit of writing, begin by writing in chunks. Little pieces to start of about TWO HUNDRED words and then graduate to bigger ones. It will depend on the time you’ve managed to wheedle out of your busy life.
  • Do you own a laptop or tablet? Can you write a few sentences on your break at work, or rise an hour earlier in the mornings? They didn’t work for me. I could never depend on a break and get up early is so aberrant to me I shudder at the thought, but it could work for you. The biggest portion of my time I stole from the time I spent watching TV. Each night I arrived home exhausted and just plonked myself in front of the television (and watched a load of rubbish) till bed time.


  • I changed, and instead, I wrote small amounts each evening until my story progressed to the point I just had to continue. Miraculously I found the time; it just appeared the more I got involved with the writing. Start small, even with just a sentence or two, you’re not in a race, so take your time.
  • I read this tip in several articles and used it myself with some success. Leave your work halfway through a sentence, so that when you return to it, you will need to finish the sentence. Using this strategy helps you start back writing without wasting any time.  Another little hint is to use the sticky notes on your computer to just write one or two words to remind you where wanted to go with that sentence.


  •  You’ve managed to find some time, but now can’t ever envisage being able to write something somebody may enjoy. You can, but you’ll never know unless you try. To make yourself feel confident, it may be best not to anybody until you have a few chapters under your belt. Nobody knew my little secret until I had published my eBook, it was my guilty secret. What a buzz when people found out, it made everything worth it.
  • I don’t know why I was frightened people would ridicule me, in fact, it’s been the exact opposite and wished I began writing a lot earlier in my life.
  • When I set my mind to have a go! My confidence grew with each chapter and by the time I’d reached that incredible landmark of having completed 5000 words I knew I could do it.


  • Your destiny is in YOUR hands. I know because I’ve been there. When it came to editing my first book I over edited, it was a fixation; I wanted it PERFECT. Otherwise, I’d be a laughingstock. But guess what? My book isn’t perfect; I managed to revise it twice since it publishing. This task is so easy to do on Kindle publishing. So, relax, just write, errors and all, get your story down, and on paper, most of the errors can all be ironed out later when we talk about editing in a later chapter. Remember there is no such thing as perfect, what we are aiming for is, quality.


  •  Find a way to accept and be okay with things when you mess-up, and learn from your mistakes. It’s not the end of the world. Give yourself grace.  Start again, and learn from the experience.


  • Guides like this one are here to support you; there are hundreds of books on the market. If you’re writing in secret from your nearest and dearest, try joining a writing group.  You can find these online, many will critique your first few chapters, but be certain at this stage you are ready for criticism, however, constructive. A critical view too early could plunge you back into deep self-doubt. Be gentle with yourself do not expose yourself too early to a situation that could cause your confidence and creativity to falter.


  • Money is probably one challenge we worry about, but in this instance, is the easiest to solve. If you have a computer with a word processor, that’s it. That is all you need to write your story. If you can’t afford a computer, why not try the library.
  • Later in the blog, I’ll show you how to make a FREE eBook cover. You can publish your eBook for   And this guide is FREE. Sorted.
  • If you want to spend money, you can, as much or as little as you want, I paid for the extra software, and thought of it as an investment; with the hope, I would write more books. You can find the same sort of grammar/editing tools for free on the internet.
  • All the challenges above are solvable, and I can prove the solutions I suggest to you, do work. I know they work, they were all my challenges too.


  • The one biggest concern you’re facing is one I can’t solve from a distance, and that’s YOU.
  •  Think carefully, and decide if you still really, really want to find the solutions to boost your confidence; to enable you to knock down those challenges standing in the way of your dream – to write a book. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen if you want it to.
  •  Is your hunger strong enough? Are you going to face the challenges face-on? Do you still want to write that book? – Yes?


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