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What is meant by authorship? I keep seeing the word bandied around and needed to find out exactly in what context it is used. I found this explanation, and I’m going to share it with you.




1. The act, fact, or occupation of writing.
2. Source or origin, as of a book or idea.
American Heritage® Dictionary of the En
Now I’ve established the meaning of Authorship I can go ahead and share this blog with you.
I finished and published my last book DEATH BY REVENGE,  number two in my revenge series, last October.
Today I can announce book three has now been outlined in Scrivener. If you’re not aware what Scrivener is, I can tell you it is a very clever writing software. I’ve had it for a number of years now, but have not managed to use it to its full potential. After reading quite a few articles on how wonderful it is for authors, students and copywriters I’ve made up my mind to master the software. Thank goodness for Youtube and Udemy as they’ve both got tons of tutorials to help beginners like me.Authorship, book outline
So, back to my third book, as previously mentioned I managed to create an outline of my idea, ready to turn it into a book.  Here’s my first attempt at Scrivener outlining.


Although this is the first outline it won’t necessarily end up in the book. Often, I get an idea and then from that first idea another idea intervenes and the story goes off in another direction, which I find fascinating. So, this time, because I’m using this new writing software I can take a ‘snapshot’ of anything I’ve written before changing or editing. Meaning I’ll be able to compare the first ideas to what I end up with.

In my REVENGE series, I have so far only had serial killers wreaking havoc on the small market town of Frodsham. But, this time I think, there’ll only be one murder, but the plot will also include blackmail and a cold case of kidnap and a missing child. All investigated by the usual team led by DI Helen Cooke. There’s a new Detective Constable to replace the DC murdered in book two, and I’m planning a lot of trouble with her for Helen! The rest of the team will stay the same – so far – but anything can happen between the pages. I might juggle their personal lives around a bit too – have a bit of lurrv and a lot of angst. (I’m rubbing my hands with glee at this point – oh the power!)

Authorship chaptersHere are the first two chapters still in draft form – about 3.500 which isn’t a lot – yet, but once I’ve completed 5.000 words I usually know the story-line and I’m able to continue and complete the book.

My authorship on book three has some way to go yet with quite a few twists, turns and changes. I still need a title and think about a cover and I also need to decide how long the story will be. I’ve got a lot to do, so, I need to crack on.

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