GRACE ROSCOE: a true love-story

new cover of Grace Roscoe

Grace Roscoe: the true love-story of Grace & John Hazelhurst

Grace Roscoe: is a true  historical love-story, found by the author following a search for her ancestors. It is the story of a young girl who becomes separated from everything she knows and loves. She travels from her home, to live in a grand mansion and become a lady. She unwittingly leaves her beloved father and brother to make the arduous journey by coach from Bolton le Moor to Liverpool. Grace’s mother, Margaret Roscoe, nee Hardman accompanies her daughter. Their destination is Allerton Hall, Margaret’s merchant cousins, John and James Hardman’s estate.


Grace is made a heiress to a vast fortune on condition she married well. If she marries well she will improve her merchant benefactors social standing and status. Something the Hardman brothers crave.


Grace falls in love – with an unsuitable suitor! Will she keep her promise and enter into a loveless marriage her cousins arrange for her,or will she risk everything? Is Grace prepared to take that risk which includes not only the man she loves, but also their lives? For more information about this love-story click here for the opportunity of a free download.


Grace Roscoe is RCWelsby’s  first book, following her discovery of Grace on an Ancestry site. She is delighted to find her Great Fifth Grandmother, and is fascinated by the family’s tales passed down over three centuries. So, fascinated in fact she set out to research and write about Grace and John’s love story.

Following great research RCWelsby has endeavored to bring their love story to life and attempted, where possible to adhere to the life and times of the Eighteenth Century.

Watch this video to see some of the places Grace is alledged to have lived


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