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Promoting Books Using the Press.

Last week I was lamenting my poor efforts at book-marketing. Something many writers, and especially new writers find as a rather daunting task. Just writing a book isn’t enough for an author now, they have to actively go out and begin promoting (selling their books) unless they’re just writing for passion, and selling isn’t of interest to them.  But most of us need to sell, to at least break-even on what we’ve spent (although it is possible to write and publish on a shoe-string) to get our books ready for publishing. Not everyone has money to throw at advertising and promotion, especially those of us still on the lower step of the ladder of authorship.


But wait! Does this all sound glum and a bit whingy?

Absolutely not. promoting books

Although everything in the above statements applies to me and probably loads of other writers, with regards to book promoting, I am actually buzzing with excitement. Today an article was published in my local newspaper (from little acorns grows big oak trees – so here’s hoping) and I feel as though I have won the lottery I am so elated. This is what writing and publishing are all about. The long hours of doubt and pounding away on a keyboard, all come together when something like this happens. What exhilaration authors who win accolades and become best-sellers must feel is unimaginable. But back to my wonderful press- release:

I am a local author living in the small village of Helsby in Cheshire, my books are set in the neighbouring small market town of Frodsham. Where possible I  include various landmarks around the area but have to admit I’ve been rather untruthful about the police station. In my two books UNHOLY REVENGE and DEATH BY REVENGE I’ve cast the small, unmanned (now moved to within the Fire station!) police station as large enough to carry a full quota of police personnel, from DCI’s down to the local PCSO.

All good fun.

I’ve not messed around with the main local pub – yet, but have started to include a few landmarks that depict Helsby, so keep an eye out for my next book – still a WIP. You can get the full article HERE


So, what is the best book- promotion? I don’t know. I’m still learning, although I have days of despair (gloom and doom) the good, exhilarating days still far outweigh anything that would make me give up writing – well not until I’ve finished book three of the REVENGE series.

Next time I will write about how I wrote my first book GRACE ROSCOE in the meantime would you like a FREE copy of my short story – Murder of a Good Woman? Click the link on the left sidebar.

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