STORYTELLING : are we ever too old to write?




Is there ever a time when we are too old to write? I don’t think so. In fact, storytelling and writing well into your later years will keep you mentally active and in tune with the world around you.

Why did I choose this subject you may well ask? I’m not too sure but the fact that my 74th birthday is looming before me may have triggered something off in my brain. Since my retirement 5 years ago, my life is so busy with researching, writing, publishing and marketing my books I often wonder where did I ever find the time to go to work; I was a full-time nurse manager until my 69th birthday.


So, back to the subject of being too old to write? I noticed on a few writing forums people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s were asking if it was too late for them to start writing and storytelling? My answer is a resounding no! It is never too late to embrace the joys of writing and seeing your books published, which is now so much easier with indie-publishing.

What I would advise when possible, is for you to start as soon as you can whatever your age. I left writing my first words until I retired and had the time to concentrate on a new skill-set. It’s quite hard learning everything from scratch, but it has its own rewards along the way.


I’ve met new people through my writing. People I would never have met in my normal everyday life. I get lovely emails from people in a wide variety of countries. And when somebody says they enjoyed one of my books, the sensation is fantastic and a superb mood lifter.


The cons of waiting until you or somebody else thinks you’re too old to write:

  • When writing you may need larger text, glasses, or a screen guard to reduce eye strain.
  • Your fingers may be stiff and sore. Wear fingerless gloves to keep them warm. You can dictate your book, most devices have this ability
  • Your memory isn’t quite as sharp. Use a large desk diary to remind yourself of any tasks you need to complete. Make sure you plan your book with a comprehensive outline, so you’re able to pick up any forgotten threads. Keep hydrated to prevent a ‘foggy’ brain.
  • You’re not computer savvy. There are loads of super ‘how to’ videos on YouTube to walk you through necessary tasks. The one I found especially useful was it guides you through every programme you will ever need to set up a website for your books.
  • Your stamina isn’t as good as it was. Writing a book is not a marathon unless you’re on a deadline from a publisher. So, take your time and only do what you can each day. Even if it’s just 250 words, a day make it a habit, and you’ll soon find you’ve completed the first draft.


For this section, I would like a drum-roll. My first book was published on my 70th birthday, and my life changed forever.

  • Since I started writing, I’ve learned so many new skills. Skills I thought I was far too old to learn a new. I’m not a computer expert, but I’m now able to negotiate most tasks, from writing to ensuring Google crawls my website to increase my site traffic.
  • My mind buzzes with new ideas
  • I can’t wait to start writing each day, whether it’s a book or one of my blogs.
  • I’ve learned so much about social media and love keeping in touch with liked minded people.
  • Research for my books has taken me into subjects I ’d never dreamed of tackling; from living in the eighteenth century to interviewing a crime suspect and what happens to a dead body!


I can only repeat what’ve said before, you’re never too old or too young to write. Age, as the saying goes, is just a number. If you want to write – do it! Don’t hesitate. It’s fun learning how what and who and it’s absolutely incredible when you see your finished article published.

I’m on book three of my REVENGE SERIES and have taken a break from my own storytelling to write this article to encourage anyone who wants to write, to write. If you need any tips on how to write that first word? Then, go to my other site HERE learn how to write your first book, and get a FREE book on how to publish your book. Good luck!








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